There’s no doubt that leather is a popular choice for footwear, due to its versatility and ability to adapt to changing trends. Leather shoes are acceptable for any generation, making it a timeless material. Thanks to its durability and classic style, leather sneakers will continue to be a popular choice for years to come. Check out this blog for ways you can style your own leather shoes!

How the right shoes can upgrade your wardrobe

If you’re trying to add a touch of style to your everyday wardrobe, one of the latest trends is pairing dress shoes with jeans. This look has been growing in popularity because it marries the best of both worlds: you can look put-together and stylish without being too dressy. There are, of course, certain rules to follow if you want to rock this look successfully. With the right pair of jeans and the right pair of shoes, you can create a chic ensemble that will turn heads.

Look for Quality

Investing in a quality pair of leather shoes is essential for creating successful looks. Some people may be discouraged by the higher price tag, but it’s important to remember that you get what you pay for. Inferior quality shoes won’t provide the same look or durability as a well-crafted pair of leather shoes. When you approach shoe shopping as an investment, you’ll be able to create timeless looks that will last for years.

Choose the Right Color

When choosing the color of your leather shoes, it’s important to consider how well it will coordinate with different outfits. You’ll want to choose a color that will go well with many different colors, so that your shoes can be easily matched with whatever you wear. Darker colors are usually a better choice when pairing dress shoes with jeans, since they are less likely to stand out. When selecting the color of your dress shoes and jeans, it’s important to make sure that the colors complement each other and don’t detract from the rest of your outfit.

Pick the wash and style of your jeans

Correct style

If you’re going to wear smart shoes, it’s important to consider the cut of your jeans. Relaxed or loose-fit jeans will make your feet look larger, while slim-fit or regular-fit jeans will accentuate them. Boot-cut jeans can work if you’re wearing a higher dress boot. Use caution, though, as they can also make your feet look larger. When choosing jeans, opt for a clean-cut, timeless style in a dark wash. Derby shoes, monk straps, loafers, and brogues are all good choices to wear with these jeans.

There are several different styles to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that fits your needs.

  • If you’re looking for a more casual look, slim fit jeans are a great option. They have a tapered waist and low-to-medium rise.
  • Regular fit jeans are a classic style of pant with a straight leg and natural waistline.
  • Low-rise skinny jeans are snug throughout the glute, thigh and leg for a flattering fit..
  • Straight cut jeans are a type of jean that is straight from the thigh to the leg.
  • Bootcut jeans are designed to fit comfortably over a boot. They’re wide at the bottom, which provides a comfortable and flattering fit.

Selecting the right shoe color to complement your black jeans is a matter of finding the right level of contrast. You don’t want to match your shoes to your jeans exactly, as this can look like you’re trying too hard. Instead, go for a light brown shoe or rich brown shoe, which will complement almost any shade of black denim. Just be sure that the color of your shoes isn’t too close to the shade of your jeans, and you’ll look great.

Wear Socks

If you’re considering foregoing socks with your boat shoes, think again. Wearing socks with boat shoes is the best way to achieve a more stylish casual look.

Rule of Socks: No Black, No White

Choose your socks wisely – they can make or break your look. Patterns are generally preferable to solid colors, and bright colors are a great way to add a touch of personality to your outfit.

Wear a nice shirt

How you style your shirt can either make or break your look. If you’re going for a more casual look, then a hoodie, tee-shirt, or jersey will work well with jeans. If you want to dress it up a bit, then a polo is the least you can do. However, a dress shirt is always preferred. If you’re off the clock, feel free to leave it untucked.

Consider a Jacket

A jacket is a great way to finish off a formal outfit. Wearing a coat with jeans shows that you’re paying attention to your clothing and that you know how to put together a stylish outfit.

Simplify Your Accessories

When you’re wearing jeans, you want to strike a balance between looking effortless and put-together. Too much of either and you’ll look out of place. Your accessories should reflect this balance. For example, a sweatshirt is too casual, but cufflinks, a pocket square, a tie with clip, a vest, and a hat can be too formal. Instead, aim for a belt that matches your shoes and a hat that complements your outfit.


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Now that you know the basics of what to do, it’s time to start putting your plan into action. Will you take your old formal shoes out of the closet and try to make them work for a more casual setting? Or will you invest in a new pair of shoes that are specifically designed for the look you’re going for? It’s up to you! Checkout our app